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class View_Popover

Popover View creates a invisible call-out, which can be triggered through a JavaScript PHP Chains.


Returns JavaScript chain which will make popover visible when executed. See JavaScript PHP Chains.


Technically popover is created using a jQuery UI Dialog, however Agile Toolkit adds a lot of usability in PHP:

$i = $this->add('Icon')->set('window');

$pop = $this->add('View_Popover');

$i->js('click', $pop->showJS());

Method showJS accepts one array-type argument - options, which can contain the following values:

key default value meaning
my center top see jQuery UI positioning widget
at center bottom+8 see jQuery UI positioning widget
modal true popup will close when you click anywere outside of the popup
class atk-popover which base class to use to make dialog look like popover
open_js null Execute certain code when clicked
width 250 width of the popover. Set this to false if you want to specify width through a class.
tip top-center location of the tip on the call-out: bottom-right, top-right, etc. This does not affect the position

Other options will be passed to the jQueryUI dialog(), so refer to their documentation.


A specified URL will be automatically loaded in the popover after it’s clicked every time. If you wish to specify a custom code, use open_js property.


Allow you to add more classes on the pop-over. It’s important that you call this method before bindJS()

Example using Popover with Virtual Page

The following example creates a VirtualPage which is then loaded in the pop-over. Virtual page allows us to contain all the code together:

$i = $this->add('Icon')->set('window');

$pop = $this->add('View_Popover');

$vp = $this->add('VirtualPage');



$i->js('click', $pop->showJS());