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Global Layouts

Starting from 4.3, Agile Toolkit have broken down it’s global HTML template (shared.html previously) in two components:

  • Boilerplate HTML template located in html.jade (html.html)
  • Layout view

Boilerplate HTML

A html.jade file is designed to contain a recommended values for a HTML5 application. It’s unlikely you would ever need to change it ever.


This is a type of View which you either use out-of-the-box or create your own. Layout represents a certain composition of views on the page, which your application will fill out with dynamic elements.

You can use different views on different pages or switch it depending on user authentication status.

Next is a layout of a typical App_Admin application. For this api the layout will automatically be initilaized and available at $app->layout. If you wish to use this layout inside other app class, you would need to add it inside your Frontend::init() method.



Layout define various regions inside a full-screen layout of the page.

class Layout_Fluid

Implements a fluid HTML layout.


Adds and returns Main_Menu object.


Adds a view allowing you to customize footer.



This class API is not fully stable yet and may be further refactored in 4.3.x


class Layout_Centred

Centered layout is a very basic layout which squeezes your content inside a box centered in the middle of the screen.

This layout is used by default on your Frontend page. If you just started with Agile Toolkit frontend development, try changing this to Layout_Fluid