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class Controller_Data_PathFinder

Implements access to PathFinder resources through model.

With this you can easily create a list of all the accessible templates:

$m = $this->add('Model');

$m->setSource('PathFinder', 'template');


You can also specify additional argument to PathFinder controller if you pass array as a source:

$m->setSource('PathFinder', ['template', 'path_prefix'=>'page');

This will make sure that only page/* tempaltes are returned.


PathFinder controller will not descend into directories.

Supported Options

  • ‘path_prefix’ - will start searching withing this path

  • ‘strip_extension’ - will remove extensions form files. You can set this

    value to true (will strip any extenison) or define which extension to use explicitly strip_extension=>'html'. If you define it explicitly, then files which does not have this extension will be skipped.