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class App_Web

App_Web extends App_CLI to add basic Web handling. Here is a sample App_Web single-file application. Place the following code in myfile.php:

$app = new App_Web();

$app->main();   // executes render and outputs HTML

App_Web assumes that you will be using views and they will produce HTML.



App_Web will send headers to the browsers automatically on init. Headers are always set to expire in the past and to prevent page caching.


Reverses older PHP behavior which had magic quotes enabled.



License Checking

If your configuration file contains Agile Toolkit certificate, Agile Toolkit will attempt to validate it.

Agile Toolkit framework can operate in commercial and open-source mode. If no certificate is present, it’s assumed that your installation of Agile Toolkit is not registered.

/sandbox will offer a user-friendly way to select and manage license.

Several other add-ons will rely valid license verification to perform properly.


Default Controller

This application will automatically initialize:

  • Logger (pretty error logging and reporting)
  • PageManager (determining base URL and URL generation)
  • HTML Headers (uses no-cache headers by default)
  • A basic application template
  • Pages and routing (for handling HTTP requests).

Global Tags